Polonezköy offers the most natural products to it’s customers since 1990. With it’s wide range of quality products it has in the food sector, Polonezköy has always been in favor of a consumer-focused understanding.

Polonezköy offers the healthiest and most delicious products to the consumers with its high quality production consciousness. The difference of Polonezköy, which adopts the “difference creating tastes” motto, is the diversity of products and natural production in world standards that can appeal to every sense of taste.

Polonezköy has been meeting the different needs of consumers with varieties of special production olives and appetizers, the quality cheese varieties produced from the best milk, the butter that makes difference with taste and smell as “delicious and healthy” for years.

PPolonezköy, which produces dairy products and olive groups under the name of Polonez, Egeden, Le Reve and Peinir brands, has been producing appetizers suitable for classical Turkish taste with the Mezev brand since 2010.


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