The taste of cheese, whose history goes way back, comes from the quality, quantity and production method of the milk. Polonezköy cheeses are made from high quality milk, which is obtained primarily by natural conditions and processed with healthy conditions. Then all the cheeses pass through different production stages according to their varieties and come out with real their tastes.

Cheese is a product with a lot of variety in our country and world wide. The product range of Polonezköy is expanding to suit every sense of taste and different flavor. Because cheese is not just a food in Polonezköy’s concept of cheese making. “It is a universal flavor culture” that has a long history.

Our Cheeses

The way of an up-to-the-minute taste experience passes through Polonezköy Kashkaval Cheese. Our cheeses made from fresh milk are waiting for you with special varieties and weights.

  • Fresh Kashkaval Cheese
  • Grated Kashkaval Cheese
  • Sliced Kashkaval Cheese
  • Kars type Old Kashkaval Cheese
  • Ezine type Old Kashkaval Cheese
  • Thrace ype Old Kashkaval Cheese

Our country’s local flavor riches are located in the sofas with the difference of Polonezköy. We produce all our regional cheeses in their own region with different weight varieties.

  • Cecil cheese
  • Dil Cheese
  • Herbed Cheese – Ezine type Herbed Cheese
  • Knitted Cheese – Smoked and Knitted Cheese – Knitted Cheese with Pepper
  • Urfa Cheese
  • Antep Cheese
  • Lavas Cheese
  • Abkhazia Cheese – Smoked Abkhazia Cheese – Abkhazia Cheese with Peppered Thyme
  • Circassian Cheese – Smoked Circassian Cheese – Spicy Smoked Circassian Peyniri – Spicy Smoked Circassian Cheese – Çörekotlu İsli Circassian Cheese – Van type Herbed and Smoked Circassian Cheese
  • Basket Cheese – Van type Herbed Basket Cheese – Black Cumin Basket Cheese
  • Mihaliç Cheese
  • Kars Gravyer Cheese
  • Cyprus Hellim Cheese
  • Spaghetti Cheese – Spicy Cheese Spaghetti
  • Goat Ground Cheese
  • Sirk Cheese
  • Künefe Cheese
  • Village Cheese

The most consumed white cheeses in our country are waiting for you with different varieties and weights.

  • Ezine type Classic White Cheese
  • Ezine type Sheep White Cheese
  • Ezine type Goat White Cheese
  • Goat White Cheese
  • Sheep White Cheese
  • Light White Cheese
  • Paçal White Cheese

We offer the delicious Tulum flavor of the Aegean with special gramajies produced from cow, sheep, and goat milk according to different palate tastes.

  • Cow Tulum Cheese
  • Sheep Tulum Cheese
  • Goat Tulum Cheese
  • Erzincan type Tulum Cheese
  • Leather Tulum Cheese

From Italy’s delightful pizza cheese Mozzarella to France’s blue moldy, fragrant Roquefort, from Parma’s hard flavored Parmesan cheese to Dutch Gouda Cheese… We continue to make a difference in sofalas with a variety of world flavors.

  • Roquefort Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese – Powdered Parmesan
  • Mozzarella cheese – Slice Mozzarella Cheese – Mozzarella with cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Smoked Cheese with Pepper
  • Plain Smoked Cheese
  • Camembert Cheese
  • Brie Cheese
  • Gouda Cheese – Gouda Cheese with Cheese – Gouda Cheese with Cheese
  • Emmantel Cheese
  • Maasdam Cheese
  • Edam Cheese