Polonezköy is ready to invest $ 15 million.

Burhan Yılmaz, Chairman of Polonezköy AŞ, stands out as one of the success stories of İzmir.
Yilmaz, who was born in Adıyaman in 1963, shone with the ‘Polonezköy delicatessen’ he opened in 1990. In 2000, he left the retail business and started to wholesale. Yilmaz bought Polonezköy and Polonez’s brands besides meat and meat products 3 years later and carried the sipe up. He built a 4200 square meter facility in Sarnic. The target is to establish one of the most modern facilities in the industry with an investment of 15 million dollars in Aydın Germencik and take its place among the top 500 companies of Turkey at the end of the third year. Construction will start in one year, production in the second year.

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