Factory promise to Governor Kıraç from Polonezköy

İzmir Governor Cahit Kıraç, who was in the examinations at the facilities of Polonezköy Gıda from Sarnıç, one of İzmir’s Famous Markets, got a new factory promise from the managers of the company.
İzmir Governor Mustafa Cahit Kıraç, examined the Gaziemir Sarnıç facilities of Polonezköy A.Ş., one of the important institutions of the Food Sector, and received information about the Milk and Milk Products Production Plant to be newly established from Burhan Yılmaz, the Chairman of the Company.
Drawing attention to the milk production in the Aegean region, Governor Kıraç emphasized the importance of the operation facilities. He wanted the companies investing in the food sector to hurry.
Polonezköy Food’s Chairman Burhan Yilmaz said that in the modern facilities of Gaziemir Sarınç, there are about 90 types of cheese, 40 kinds of olives in our olive factory in İzmir Kemalpaşa and 60 kinds of appetizers including pizza in our center were produced, packaged and marketed.
“We bought Polonezköy food brand in Istanbul in 2003. Unlike the brands that migrate from Izmir to Istanbul, we have earned our city a distinguished brand. We succeeded in being organized in world standards in marketing, distribution, sales and production. With our production in EU standards, we have increased our target even further. Now We will take the foundation of our factory in Aydın with the encouragement and recommendation of our Governor.”, said Yılmaz.
200 people will work in the factory that was promised to İzmir Governor Mustafa Cahit Kıraç.
Polonezköy A.Ş. operates production and distribution activities in its facilities located in İzmir with 3,200 square meters closed area and 90 employees.
The new facilities of the company will be Milk and Milk Products Production with a closed area of 12.000 square meters in Aydın, Hıdırbeyli municipality.
Around 200 workers, food engineers and veterinarians will work in different units of the plant, which is expected to be launched in late 2011.
By encouraging milk production in and around Aydın, producers will be supported.

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