“The flavor of Turkish cuisine, olives, crowns the table with the difference of Polonezköy. The olives we collect from our own gardens and work with natural methods reach our consumers as a source of health and flavor. Polonezköy olives grow up to great self-sacrifice, from the time of their growth to their gathering and processing. Our olives grown in Akhisar, Gemlik and Edremit regions are waiting for you with different weight options.”

Zeytin Çeşitlerimiz

  • Gemlik type Oiled Saddle Olive
  • Scratch Calamata Black Olive
  • Dry Saddle Black Olive
  • Edremit type Olive Black Olive
  • Sliced Black Olives
  • Cocktail Green Olives
  • Peppered Green Olive
  • Crushed Green Olives
  • Edremit type Scratch Green Olive
  • Scratch Kalamata Green Olive
  • Edremit type Pink Scratch Green Olive
  • Sliced Green Olives
  • Green olives stuffed with carrots
  • Green Olives With Lemon Stuffed
  • Green Olive with Garlic Filled
  • Green olives stuffed with almonds
  • Seedless Green Olive